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Welcome to the pages of Heilkunde-Zentrum - practice for psychotherapy, psychosomatic and holistic cure, a place for therapy and self-awareness.

More than twenty years ago Dr. Ruediger Dahlke and Margit Dahlke established the center as a place of holistic therapy for body, soul and spirit.

The focus and so the foundation of our therapeutic work is an all-embracing psychotherapy for many different problems in life. We know from our long-lasting therapeutic experience that unconscious parts of our souls wait and push to be perceived and esteemed behind all problems, symptoms and crisis. To understand the language of our own soul, to become aware of our psychological shadow builds up the basis for health and healing.

We consider every human being as a unique and perfect being, and so therapy for us has always been more than elimination of symptoms and problems. Life for us is school for the human path of development; crisis and illness are steps along our path to healing. Nothing happens without sense, everything has its meaning. Every form has a hidden content and provides us focus for the meaning of our life.

The basis of our psychotherapy and our other treatments is the spiritual philosophy of the ancient traditions in which a single human being is part of a much bigger picture. The harmonic co-operation with the cosmic arrangement makes us whole, healthy and happy. To act as human being - advisors for their necessary self-discovery - the central goal of all of our therapy offerings.

During the many years of its existence our Heilkunde-Zentrum grew in many aspects which demonstrates that we are right with our basic therapy background. Numerous book publications of Ruediger Dahlke about psychosomatic medicine, wholesome food, fasting, the handling of the laws of destiny etc. reached many thousands of people.

The individual transformation of these theories in our Heilkunde-Zentrum again leaves its marks in the books of Ruediger Dahlke and so our therapy offerings have grown:

We offer therapy with our psychosomatic background for all diseases  - no matter if the disease becomes manifest in psyche or in body like fears, depressions, eating disorders, posttraumatic burdens, allergies, personality disorders, relationship conflicts (partnership/family), sleep disorders, stress-symptoms, burn-out-syndrome, addiction problems, meaning crisis, life crisis, psychic setting of cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.

In the long run of our therapeutic activity we were already allowed to experience many large and small miracles, but at any rate we successfully accompanied many people on their path to salvation.


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